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Smile design is about one thing. Identity. Out of all the possible beautiful smiles out there, one feels like it's yours, like it's always been yours. In order to find it, we always have to relate it to your facial features, to what you tell us, and most of the time to what your body language tells us.

Facial features guide us to design the ideal outline and harmony of each smile. Once we have the wireframe of the future smile, we rely on advanced proprietary algorithms to search through databases of natural shapes, and we are able to generate unique natural shape compositions, that we can simulate before we execute any procedures.

Dentcof has a long tradition in smile design, recognized as one of industry’s landmarks in this field, on a global level. It has served as an innovation hub for technologies like DSD, 3shape Smile Design, Smilecloud and more.

Smile design is not something you need to ask for. Its something you get by default, whenever aesthetics is the or one of the goals of the treatment.



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