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1 season - may 2022withFlorin Cofar/Gustavo Giordani/Marcelo Giordani/Adrian Argint/Ioana Popp An interdisciplinary series, covering the concepts and synergies between perio and prosthetics with live demo on simultaneous execution of crown lengthening, anterior implants, grafting and restorative treatment, enabled by digital technology.
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The Masterplan
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2 seasons - July 2023withFlorin CofarA treatment planning series of complex cases in the context of digital dentistry. From mindset to execution.
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1 season - may 2022withFlorin Cofar/Adrian Argint/Ioana Popp/Lucian Ciuciu/Paul FicutThe experience of 3 day course with all the joys and hiccups that comes with treating a full case in such a short time.
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What is Dentcof Masterclass?
Dentcof Masterclass is a streaming service that makes it possible for anyone to watch or listen to dentistry video lessons taught by Florin Cofar, Dentcof Team and some of the world’s best dentists.
New seasons and series will be added regularly.
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