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Orthodontic treatment will solve problems related to tooth position, incorrect bite, TMJ disorders, and last but not least, it is one of the most efficient tools in esthetic dentistry. It is used in synergies with other treatments to solve complex cases, or to facilitate minimal-invasive dentistry.

Most orthodontic treatments have the option of being performed without brackets, by using sequenced invisible detachable aligners. Read more about Aligners here


Designed to last

Orthodontic treatment are designed and pre-simulated in balance with TMJ , muscles and patient specific motion. Biomechanics are validated using CBCT, allowing us to always relate root movements to available bone and reduce side effects. Careful planning of all of the above factors results in precise and shortened treatments and very low relapse rate.

Winning team play

Most cases we treat require mixed discipline approaches. Dentcof shines at strong multidisciplinary integration and unparalleled over sight over the treatment planning and progress tracking of compress cases.


Orthognatic Surgery


Skeletal Anchorage




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