How much does a new smile cost (ceramic veneers)?

A simple treatment can be roughly around 4500-7000 euro (consultation, design, 8 veneers). The cost of a treatment will vary based on two factors:


Number of teeth that will be restored

An average smile is 8-10 units (depends on how wide the smile is) but it's not written in stone. Can be more, can be less, depending on the case and what we wish to achieve. The cost of one unit is between 500-700 Euro and it is strictly a matter of indication, which is case specific.


Degree of complexity can vary quite a bit from case to case. Examples of problems that can make the case more complex are: Gingival problems, Dark teeth or dark gingiva, Functional bite-related problems, infections, etc. All of the above are problems that can be managed. However they will always add time and costs to a treatment, due to the extra procedures that are required for an optimal result.


Do I know all the treatment costs up-front?

Yes. All costs are presented up-front during the consultation. A consultation has two sessions. The first appointment where all necessary data is collected (pictures, scan , x-ray investigations) costs 50 eur. You will get the actual investigations in the form of a digital passport, and second you receive their interpretation, by mapping all the problems that need fixing, could be esthetic, functional or biological related, you get an overview of your health status, and esthetic diagnosis. The second appointment is where you get to previsualize a future smile design / solution to your problems and the cost for this consultation is 100 eur. This is detailed in the form of a treament plan containing all procedures / costs / duration and options.


I need one or more dental implants. Could you give me an idea of cost?

Placing one dental implant (the surgery) will cost 650 Euro, using a premium brand. Same logic applies as for the above example with the veneers. Costs will range depending on number of implants and complexity of surgeries. Sometimes, auxiliary procedures are required for an optimal result. Procedures such as: bone grafts, soft tissue grafts or sinus lifts. We know exactly what is needed after the consultation.



How much does an orthodontic treatment cost?

An orthodontic treatment of medium difficulty can be roughly 4500 Euro. Just like in the example with implants and veneers, both duration and cost scale with the complexity of the treatment. It is also complexity that dictates the options in terms of appliance (brackets, aligners etc) and all of these becomes clear during consultation. All solutions are integrated (synchronized and planned with other procedures such as implants or future restorations) and highly individualized.



I plan to travel to you. I don't live in Romania. What are the rules in COVID context?

For patients who come from abroad, there are two options to avoid quarantine for the time being. 1. Have a proof of a vaccine ( 10 days after second dose ) 2. Negative PCR test from a country that is not from a red zone ( must be verified prior to travelling )

Our team will assist you with reservations, transfers, flights or scheduling pcr tests. More info on the topic here

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We are replying to the email we receive based on their importance and urgency. We are trying, however, to reply within 48h of the receival of the message.