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Root canal treatments are a necessity in many clinical scenarios. The purpose of a root canal treatment is to save a tooth, or a root of a tooth, and restore its structure.

In many situations, this is the treatment that relieves pain, when we talk about tooth-related pain. In our vision, root canal treatments need to be efficient, predictable and ideally single-session.


Single sessions

Most treatments are finished within one single session, that can last anywhere from 40 minutes for a simple case, up to 2 hours for more difficult cases. For extremely difficult cases that require more time, we will pause the treatment when the time passes the 2 hour mark, and add a second visit, to manage the patients fatigue. In conclusion in 90% of cases, the problem is solved permanently in one single session, with no extra reffering around, or additional head aches.

Precision. Microscope enhanced procedures

All endodontic procedures ( root canal treatments ) are performed under magnification, using Carl Zeiss dental microscopes. This ensures superior precision and handling of more difficult cases such as broken instruments or perforations of the root.


On site X-rays

Xrays and sometimes CBCT ( cone beam computer tomographies ) are essential to guide and evaluate treatments. The problem occurs when you have to take extra trips for those investigations. Not the case at Dentcof, everything is on site, digital format, and low-dose.



Frequently asked questions


What is the aim of a root canal treatment?

The aim of a root canal treatment is to eliminate infection, sterilize and seal the endodontic system ( space inside the tooth and root ). This treatment is performed under the microscope by an endo specialist.

How long does the treatment session last?

Depending on difficulty level, a treatment session can last from 40 min up to 2 hours. More difficult cases require 2 visits.


Is a root canal treatment painfull?

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and is painless. A mild sensitivity can occur at the treated tooth, that will last for 3 days.

I have post-operatory sensitivity. Is it normal?

Yes, after the treatment it's normal to have mild sensitivity, when you bite on the treated tooth. Don't worry, it goes away in 3 days.


Do I have to come at the clinic with an x-ray?

No. We will do all required x-rays on site.

What is the cost of a treatment?

Anywhere between 85 and 165 Euro, depending on treated tooth and difficulty.


What else should I know about this treatment?

X-rays before and after are mandatory. First one is for diagnostic, and the ones after treatment will follow-up and monitor the healing.

What if the treatment fails? What are the alternatives?

We can re-treat the tooth, or go for the alternative, which is a dental implant. More information about implants

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We are replying to the email we receive based on their importance and urgency. We are trying, however, to reply within 48h of the receival of the message.