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With over 30 years of expertise in restorative dentistry and over a decade of active research, what we established is a treatment workflow which incorporates all aspects with impact on oral health. This integrated way of planning and execution allows us to provide individualised solutions focused on long term stability, health and natural-looking aesthetics.

Our method relies heavily on advanced diagnosis and planning technologies, a highly specialised team and clear communication that ensures both you and the team are perfectly aligned throughout the entire process. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know in regards to your treatment at Dentcof.


Your First Appointment

There one main focus for your first appointment: to map out clearly your hurts, pains, desires and gain the best understanding of your current medical condition. This step is called Initial Documentation. You will be spending about 30 minutes at our clinic while we collect multiple layers of data. We take portraits in both picture and video format and also intra-oral pictures.

We will also take an intra-oral scan, a dicom to evaluate bone or possible infection, and record your specific motion patterns to evaluate possible functional issues. We seek to not only treat urgent problems but also ensure long-term health and vitality. This is why the extensive documentation from the first appointment allows us to identify all issues both seen or unseen.


Your Dental Passport

This multi-layer set of information is as unique as your fingerprint. Moreso, it is unique to this specific moment in time and valuable on the long term to monitor the evolution of your oral health.

Your dental records are a part of your medical history and for this reason we will provide your own dental passport. You will have permanent access to these records directly from an easy-to-use mobile app.


Second visit. Individualised Design and Treatment Plan

We start with the end in mind. Imagine you want to build your home. You first measure, then make a 3D project that guides you through the entire process. This 3D project holds all the structural and engineering information as well as the aspect of how your home will look like. Designing your treatment works in a similar way, and through this patient-centred approach, we look at the bigger picture to find out what exactly is causing the issues, how they affects your overall health and what are the best solutions for your problems.

We use natural morphology to create an unique smile that is in perfect harmony with your facial features, personal preferences and you always have a try-on before we start any procedure, just to make sure that your new smile is exactly how you envisioned. This project becomes our common goal and the roadmap for the treatment needed to make it reality. It also allows us to prepare everything in advance so that your next appointments are conducted in a time-efficient manner.


Transparent Pricing

The first and second appointment have a fix set price that covers the full dental documentation (images, scans, dicom, X-rays, jaw motion analyses), your customised treatment plan and the smile design project that gives you a preview of how your smile will look.

For more information, please visit our pricing section. The price for the treatment is provided to you with complete details after the first documentation as we need your full analysis to evaluate your treatment indications.


We Stick to the Plan

From your first visit, you are assigned your own treatment architect, who will manage every part of your Dentcof experience. The architect will put together a personalised treatment team, made up of several professionals, each with the specialised knowledge needed to deal with various areas of your dental journey. Treatment architects are experienced in restorative dentistry with a well-rounded vision.

All Dentcof medical professionals have advanced clinical abilities that match with our patients’ unique needs. The complexity of every separate case will determine whether one or more technicians will get actively involved in the procedure. As part of a complete, well-structured team, the most competent experts are assigned to your case to meet your treatment necessities.


Coordinated with Care

We are dedicated to assisting you every step of the way, which is why we will be assigning a personal treatment coordinator who will make sure you will have a stress-free experience. Your coordinator is in charge of scheduling both medical procedures as well as any logistics required.

Your coordinator is also your direct connection when it comes to any questions you may have along the way, and will make sure that all necessary aspects are in place to make your visits run smoothly and in a time-efficient manner.


Our Maintenance Commitment

Our care for your oral health does not come to a halt once we have completed your case. Following up on every treatment, you will be given continued access to your digital passport, containing your digital data, so that you have unlimited access to your medical history.

If you are a resident patient, we are happy to schedule your regular check-ups. We are aware that life is busy, and to make your dental care experience even more convenient, we provide reminders to make sure that you never miss an appointment.


Foreign Patients

Are you calling from abroad? We will assist you in planning your trip and help with any logistics or guidance needed. Our foreign patients

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We are replying to the email we receive based on their importance and urgency. We are trying, however, to reply within 48h of the receival of the message.