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The Treatment

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First Appointment

In the first consultation we will gather a complete data set, that empowers modern diagnosis and planning technologies. This session takes roughly 30 minutes and every patient receives his own digital dental passport which contains all of his information.

his allows us to diagnose to the core of complex problems and digitally plan to an incredible level of detail every aspect of a case.




We always treat the cause of the problem, and address the patient as a whole. All our treatment plans have a clear start and a clear finish line. The finish line is simple : a healthy patient.

All aesthetic treatments use natural tooth shapes and are pre-simulated. You know from the start what you will get, how it will look, how much it will cost, and roughly how long it can take.




You always receive the full estimate of your treatment from the start, even if it is a 2 year treatment. However payments occur as treatment progresses, allowing you to plan your financials accordingly. We cannot tell you how much your plan will cost, without taking the time to see you, document and plan your case.

You will get a very detailed and precise estimate along with all options available after a first appointment. First appointment cost is fixed, and it includes all diagnostics ( Images, scanning, xray investigation, patient specific jaw motion ) , treatment plan , and aesthetic simulation. More about prices here


Treatment architecture and execution

Every case has a tailored fit treatment team. The treatment team is assembled from the start, according to the treatment plan and the skill set required to tackle the case. Every treatment team has a treatment architect and specialists. The architect is the dentist in charge to plan and to see your case through. Treatment architects are experienced in restorative with broad multidisciplinary vision.

Specialists have superior niche clinical skills and are assigned depending on the needs of the case. One or multiple technicians can be involved in the process, again depending on complexity. Simple rule here: Best man for the job, gets the job, or in your case, you get the best professionals for your problem, as a one vision, organized team.




A treatment coordinator will be always in the treatment team. Treatment coordinators run logistic support for both clinicians and patients. Will be the one telling you which flight to take or handle your appointments,

as well as synchronize specialists and procedures according to the plan, or make sure all components or materials are available prior to a surgery for example. They are also the ones that can assist you with financial planning and options.



Once a case is completed, it goes into maintenance. We also update the digital passport of the patient with all procedures and digital plans and information of all procedures, allowing easy follow up from any other dentist anywhere on the map.

For resident patients we provide regular check-ups and reminder service. For foreign patients we provide premium partner options close to their location from our global educational programs. Read more about Foreign Patients

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We are replying to the email we receive based on their importance and urgency. We are trying, however, to reply within 48h of the receival of the message.