How do implants work

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Digital stage

After initial consultation, a digital clone of the patient's mouth is assembled, using x-rays, 3D imagery, photos and videos. Position, shape and size of future teeth is determined. Based on this, the surgeon will determine ideal position of each implant and best implant type for the case.

Patient receives a complete treatment plan, with all procedures, costs and aditional explanations. A treatment coordinator (TC) will provide any logistic assistance patient requires from this point on.


Surgical stage

Implant surgery is performed. In more complex cases, at this stage, bone grafts, soft-tissue grafts, or other aditional procedures are performed if necessary. After surgery, patient will leave with provisional restorations. One week after, sutures are removed. This stage is followed by an 8 week healing period needed for the osteo-integration of the dental implants.

Restorative stage

One final impression is taken by the dentist and is being sent to the lab. At this point, the lab has ideal biological, structural and functional conditions to finish the case, as initially designed. Final works are manufactured and screw-retained or bonded on the dental implants.



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