January of 2024 marked a new beginning for the Dentcof Clinic as it relocated to a new space at Iulius - Medical Town. The project was of great scale, both architecturally and in terms of technologies integrated into the space's structure. This was done to empower the medical team to perform complex dental treatments while ensuring enhanced comfort for the patients.


Seven Dedicated Units. Comprehensive Solutions

The space is designed to cover every aspect of dental medicine through seven independent and fully equipped units for each specific procedure. The modern and complete infrastructure ensures patient access to a full range of dental services, all under one roof. Dentcof also features an integrated laboratory for prosthetic works completed quickly, even on the same day.


Vision and Inspiration

Oana Cofar, the architect and creator of the space, reveals some of the secrets that inspired the entire project:

The entire circuit in the clinic is strategically designed for a consistent patient experience. The project follows a minimalist approach, a style that prioritizes functionality and comfort.

In the waiting room, a material similar to white concrete was chosen, a visual analogy to the dental process of transforming a raw block into an object with harmony and unique character. The ceramic, initially "lifeless," becomes a decisive element in the harmony of a smile, much like raw cement that, through sculpture, becomes almost organic and fluidises the entire space. Glass accentuates natural light indoors, while rounded corners further enhance the feeling of an organic flow.

Another "secret" behind the project is the use of the "one-point perspectice," a technique used in Stanley Kubrick's cinematography and numerous works of art. The result is a definition and accentuation of the spatial perspective.


Dental Documentation and Radiology

In addition to infrastructure, the clinic has a dedicated photo studio for documenting each treatment. Photos and video recordings are among the most valuable resources for doctors and patients. They help us diagnose your conditions and monitor dental developments and changes over time. A separate unit is dedicated to intra-ora documentation, scanning and movement recordings of patient specific patterns of speach, mastication and function. The radiology office equipped with a CBCT allows us to collect all the necessary information without any additional trips.


Endodontics Under the Microscope

At the Dentcof clinic, all root canal treatments are performed under a microscope. Whether the untreated teeth or old treatments are causing problems, the microscope is able to find fissures that stem at the root level. Thus, the treatment is executed with precision in a short period of time.


Metalab. An Integrated Digital Laboratory

If the doctor is the pilot, the laboratory technician is the control tower. Metalab technicians design and bring each restoration to life. They are ceramists specialising in complex interdisciplinary cases, 3D and 4D design. What makes them special is that from the moment they finish eating breakfast, and until the end of the day, they work routinely with some of the best surgeons and prosthetists in the world. With their help, treatments are executed at an exceptionally precise level in the shortest time frame, allowing each patient to enjoy their new, unique smile as soon as possible.

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We are replying to the email we receive based on their importance and urgency. We are trying, however, to reply within 48h of the receival of the message.